Geotechnical Engineering

Experience proves that there is a direct correlation between the capabilities and experience of the geotechnical engineer and a project´s construction and life cycle costs. An investment in quality geotechnical engineering services always pays for itself, often several times over, in reduced project costs and better overall quality.

Reitz & Jens has provided geotechnical services on over 5,000 projects ranging from buildings and industrial developments on shallow and deep foundations, to infrastructure projects including utility systems, roads and bridges, power plants, dams and levees, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and airports. We have also completed many slope and bank stability projects on both an emergency and longer term basis. Our clients include federal, state, county and municipal governments; industry; utility companies; public and private institutions; health care providers; architects, engineers and construction companies; and developers.

We have extensive experience completing all types of geotechnical investigations, as well as special expertise in subsurface constructability analysis. By combining our capabilities and experience with state-of-the-art analytical tools, we typically evaluate, anticipate and resolve difficult site conditions before they arise on the construction site. In the process, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence and pragmatism in solving subsurface challenges.

To ensure the reliability of our work, we operate a full-service, AMRL-certified soil mechanics laboratory at our corporate office staffed by experienced personnel. The laboratory is certified to provide any conceivable ASTM test needed to analyze geotechnical conditions on both routine and difficult sites.


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