Reitz & Jens, Inc. was incorporated in l969 as a successor to a partnership formed in l963 that combined two established firms, Henry M. Reitz, Consulting Engineer, a specialist in soil mechanics, foundations, and hydrology; and Stifel W. Jens, Consulting Engineer, specializing in hydrology, hydraulics, and drainage. The firm is currently managed by Paul H. Reitz.

For more than four decades Reitz & Jens has provided a wide range of civil engineering services to all members of the construction team including owners, architects, engineers, public agencies, contractors, and developers. The range of services are provided throughout the life of the constructed product. These services include feasibility studies, geotechnical investigations, site evaluations, site planning, foundation design, plan and specification preparation, construction cost estimating, pre-construction bidding and contract finalization, construction quality control, and evaluation of existing properties.

We pride ourselves on our consistent ability to blend new technologies and methodologies into the design and construction process. The result is constructed projects that are cost effective and often innovative in design. This practice has been especially effective during site development and subsurface construction.

Our experience provides Reitz & Jens with a broad view of engineering problems, challenges, and solutions. The recommended solutions treat each situation as a network of interdependent systems rather than a number of separate component parts. This approach offers the optimum cost effective solutions, governed by the specific needs and demands of the situation, not necessarily by historical or standardized techniques.

To maintain the quality control necessary to provide informed engineering decisions, we have an in house soil mechanics laboratory equipped to perform physical testing applicable to the design of foundations, earth structures, and other geotechnical purposes. The laboratory, staffed by our own experienced and qualified personnel, provides close control and careful observation, essential to proper soil analyses. Portable field laboratories are also used when needed on active construction sites. Support services for test drilling, surveying, and similar specialties are subcontracted to qualified specialized firms under our direct supervision.

The experience of Reitz & Jens makes us particularly effective in meeting the unique challenges encountered on unusual projects or on projects which have met with construction difficulties. However, our experience resolving difficult situations also makes Reitz & Jens highly qualified when providing services on more routine projects to avoid having these projects become problem sites.