ID/IQ Dam Safety Contract



Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas


Reitz & Jens team was selected by the Tulsa District for an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity Architect-Engineering contract in March 2000. This contract was issued for a period of 1 year with 2 possible extension years. The District opted to renew this contract for both option years through March 23, 2003. Reitz & Jens was awarded the contract again for the period from 2003 through May 2006.


Eleven separate Task Orders, totaling $678,045, were issued under this contract through December 1, 2003. These Task Orders required that Reitz & Jens mobilize to 39 Locks and Dams within the Tulsa District Boundaries (Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas) to perform various survey, inspection and maintenance services.


Eight of the Task Orders authorized services to clean and inspect the toe drain and relief well collection systems at 14 different Federal dams. The inspections included review of the dam embankments, and the interior of toe drain and relief well systems after the systems had been cleaned using a 2500 psi high-velocity water jet. The pipe systems were inspected using a self-propelled TV camera. Temporary dewatering was required to complete one of these the surveys. Almost 60,000 linear feet of toe drain, and 11,500 lineal feet of relief well collector pipe, varying from 8- to 48-inches in diameter, was inspected in this manner.


The inspections were documented with video and still photographs. The final report included a description of the condition of the systems, documenting specific deficiencies or areas of concern, and recommendations for additional inspection, maintenance, and repair activities. The inspection of one dam identified several construction discrepancies that jeopardized the toe drains integrity. As a result of this inspection, several upgrades were made.


Two Task Orders required precise surveys and engineering evaluation of embankments, spillways, levees, and service bridges on 35 different Federal dam and levee systems within the Tulsa District boundaries as part of the annual maintenance for these facilities. The precise surveys required closure to the nearest 0.01 foot on level loops up to 5 miles long, with individual point elevations recorded to the nearest 0.001 foot. Due to elevation discrepancies found in the 2001, the 2002 surveys included establishing new benchmarks at several dams for use in future surveys.


Under the remaining Task Order for this ID/IQ AE contract, Reitz & Jens updated the Flood Emergency Plans for 4 lakes in eastern Kansas.

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